The Mass Spectrometry Unit (MSU) provides support for the ICRA's researchers by making available latest-generation mass spectrometers. In response to the demands generated by research and transfer projects, MSU allows multiresidue analysis methos for identification and quantification of organic compounds at trace level.

The determination of emerging contaminants in the environment is related to the capacity of analysis of the available equipements, especially in the field of mass spectrometry. The development of more sensitive and versatile instrumentation allows detection at the low levels found in the environment, and also provides the necessary tools to guarantee an unequivocal identification, in accordance with the increasingly-strict criteria established by European directives.


The Mass Spectrometry Unit has the following instruments:

- Gas Chromatograph coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC-Qqq).
- Gas Chromatograph with electron capture detector (GC-ECD) and flame ionization detector (FID).
- Ultra performance liquid chromatograph coupled to a hybrid triple quadrupole-linear ion trap mass spectrometer (UPLC-QTrap).
- SPE-on line UMPLC-MS (triple quadrupole).
- Turboflow UHPLC-Orbitrap Velos.



Contact for Gas Chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

Sara Insa
Head of GC-MS

Contact for Liquid Chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Diana Álvarez
Head of LC-MS


Catalogue of equipment

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