The Biological and Molecular Techniques Unit (BMTU) provides services through a basic analytical catalogue that will grow according to the demands of researchers of the centre .

The BMTU can carry out the characterization of living organisms at the molecular level. The detection, identification and quantification of bacterial populations through massive gene amplification is a growing field which will test the complexity and variability of the genetic content of organisms present in aqueous matrices. Such information is useful for multiple objectives from the minimal representation of the individual organism to the broader taxonomic categories. A small-scale, very close relations, such as the determination of strains can be studied, whereas, populations as well as and the phylogenetic relationships among genera, species, etc. can be characterized.


The Biological and Molecular Techniques Unit has the following instruments:

- Low volume Spectrophotometer
- Thermocycler
- Gradient Thermocycler
- Real-time Thermocycler
- Horizontal Electrophoresis
- Vertical Electrophoresis
- Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)
- Molecular Imager
- Ultrafreezer -80 º C



Àlex Sánchez
Head of Biological and Molecular Techniques Unit

Adrià Robles
Specialist Technician


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