The Chemical Analysis Unit (CAU) is focused on the determination of a wide range of physicochemical parameters for different types of water masses (from wastewaters to natural) using advanced analytical techniques.

In any case, the methodologies applied are based on standardized procedures and appropriate to the type of sample analyzed, taking into account both the level of concentration and the presence interferences. The laboratory performance agrees with the quality assurance rules for ensuring the technical competence, sustainable management of resources and the accurate results.


Chemical Analysis Unit has the following equipment:

- Benchtop and portable pH meter, conductimeter and dissolved oxygen sensor
- Devices for measuring the Biochemical Oxygen Demand
- Devices for measuring the Chemical Oxygen Demand
- Alkalinity titrator
- Spectrophotometer
- Discrete Analyzer
- Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN)
- Ionic Chromatograph
- Kjeldahl equipment 



Sara Insa
Head of Chemical Analysis Unit


Natàlia Serón
Technician of Chemical Analysis Unit




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