R&D&i Office

This office works to acquire opportunities and resources and provide an information, advisory and technical and administrative support service for the management of the ICRA ’s research and technology transfer projects.


Objectives of the R&D&i Office


Render a quality service to the ICRA ’s researchers in handling the administrative and financial aspects of their research projects.

Process and provide information on competitive government grants to the ICRA ’s researchers.

Assist the researchers in the negotiation of their transfer projects.

Manage research and technology transfer projects:
· Technical support
· Administrative support
· Financial management

Handle patent protection and commercial exploitation of the results obtained from the ICRA ’s research.


Jaume Alemany
R&D&i Office Manager



Laura Bertolini
Intern. and European
Project Officer

Rina Weltner
Admin. Technician R&D&I

Jesús A. Luque
Specialist Technician R&D&I


R&D&i Office
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