La Unió Europea considera que la sequera ja és un risc natural.



DROUGHT-R&SPI (Science-Policy Interfacing) project (see attached factsheet) is developing drought-related research aimed to directly support international and EU policies (namely the UN Hyogo Framework for Action and the options of the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's water). The project includes the setting up of a pan-European "Drought Dialogue Forum", the first one of which will be held under the EU Cyprus Presidency umbrella on the 30-31 October in Nicosia. In this framework, an innovative idea has been proposed, consisting in comparing the expertise and recommendations of various projects on the basis of a single drought case study (artificial river basin with data provided to the participating projects). The basic principle of this exercise is to invite the projects to study a drought event and provide recommendations for solutions targeted to different users and of different nature (technical, economic, legal) that could be used for prevention, adaptation or remediation of drought. The common dataset will enable to discuss different views.


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