Oriol Gutiérrez, PhD

Research Scientist KTT

Contact Details
Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA
email: ogutierrez@icra.cat
Ph: +34 972 183 380
F: +34 972 183 248


Short Biography
PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Girona.
Leads the research line in sewer systems at the Catalan Institute for Water Research.

Adjunct Research Fellow of the Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC), the University of Queensland (Australia). 2005 joined the AWMC as Research Fellow in the frame of the Australian Research Council project “Understanding the Biotransformation Processes in a Sewer System to Achieve Optimal Management (LP0454182)”. January 2008 became Subproject 6 Leader for the SCORe (Sewer Corrosion & Odour Research) ARC LP0454182

Principal Investigator of the Marie Curie project SGHGEMS “Sulfide and Greenhouse Gas emissions from Mediterranean sewers” (PIRG08-GA-2010-277050) funded by the EU.


Research interests
• In-sewer biological, physical and chemical processes.
• Sewer sulfide and greenhouse gas control strategies.
• Odour and corrosion mitigation.
• Fate of micropollutants in sewer systems.
• Combined Sewer Overflow detection and optimal management.
• Integrated management of UWS, Sewer + WWTP.
• Design and operation of laboratory pilot scale systems.
• Field site applications and equipment.



REACH Resilience of urban wastewater systems to emerging challenges: from fundamental understanding to improved management practices. CTM2015-66892-R

SGHGEMS, Sulfide and GreenHouse Gas Emissions from Mediterranean Sewers. EU Marie Curie - PIRG08-GA-2010-277050

GEISSTAR: Gases de efecto invernadero en los sistemas de transporte y tratamiento de aguas residuales: evaluación de las emisiones. CTM2011-27163.


Key publications

· O. Auguet, M. Pijuan, J. Batista, C. M. Borrego, O. Gutierrez. Changes in microbial biofilm communities during colonization of sewer systems. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 81. pp 7271–7280, 2015

· E. Risch O. Gutierrez et al. Life cycle assessment of urban wastewater systems: Quantifying the relative contribution of sewer systems Water Research 77, pp 35-48. 2015.

· Jelic, S. Rodriguez-M, D. Barceló, and O. Gutierrez, Impact of in-sewer transformation on 43 pharmaceuticals in a pressurized sewer under anaerobic conditions. Water Research 68 pp 98-108. 2015.

· O. Auguet, M. Pijuan, H. Guasch-Balcells, C. Borrego and O. Gutierrez. Implications of Downstream Nitrate Dosage in anaerobic sewers to control sulfide and methane emissions. Water Research 68 pp 522-532. 2015.

· O. Gutierrez, et al. Assessment of pH shock as a method for controlling sulfide and methane formation in pressure main sewer systems. Water Research. 48 - 1, pp. 569 - 578. 2014.

· G. Sudarjanto, O. Gutierrez, et al. Laboratory assessment of bioproducts for sulfide and methane control in sewer systems. Science of the Total Environment. pp. 429 - 437. 2013.

· O. Gutierrez, et al. SCORe-CT: A new method for testing effectiveness of sulfide-control chemicals used in sewer systems. Water Science and Technology. 64 - 12, pp. 2381 - 2388. 2011.

· O. Gutierrez, et al. Iron salts dosage for sulfide control in sewers induces chemical phosphorus removal during wastewater treatment. Water Research. 44 - 11, pp. 3467 - 3475. 2010.

· O. Gutierrez, et al. Effects of long-term pH elevation on the sulfate-reducing and methanogenic activities of anaerobic sewer biofilms. Water Research. 43 - 9, pp. 2549 - 2557. 2009.

· O. Gutierrez, et al. Evaluation of oxygen injection as a means of controlling sulfide production in a sewer system. Water Research. 42 - 17, pp. 4549 - 4561. 2008.


Damià Murlà, Completed in 2013. Title: Coordinated management of Urban Wastewater Systems by means of advanced Environmental Decision Support Systems.
Olga Auguet, Ongoing. Title: Microbial activity and diversity in sewer biofilms: contribution to emissions of H2S, CH4 and mitigation strategies.
Anna Ribera, Ongoing. Title: Greenhouse gas emissions form Nitrification processes in Wastewater treatment plants.


Honours/Awards (Optional)

“2016 Water award” from the Catalan Association of Friends of Water for the work on applied research to the detection and reduction of corrosive compounds and GreenHouse gasses from sewer systems.

International Water Association 2014 Project Innovation Award in the Applied Research Category" Global winner for the project “SCORe: putting science into sewers” Link

Highly Commended Award at the 6th IWA international specialist conference on sewer processes and networks for the work SCORe-CT: a new method for testing effectiveness of sulfide-control chemicals used in sewer systems”, 2010, Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Highly Commended Award at the 10th IWA international specialist conference in instrumentation, control and automation for the work Simultaneous online
measurement of sulfide and nitrate in sewers for nitrate dosage optimisation”, 2009, Cairns, Australia.

International Water Association 2008 Project Innovation Award in the Applied Research Category" for the region of East Asia & Pacific for the project “Understanding the Biotransformation Processes in a Sewer System to Achieve Optimal Management” (UQ news)

Engineers Australia- Queensland, Excellence award in Research Development and Innovation, 2008, International Water Association


Professional Websites​

  • Linkedin  

  • Research Gate

  • Google Scholar

  • AWMC website


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