Mira Petrovic, ICREA Research professor

ICREA Research professor, Water Quality Area

Contact Details
Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA
email: mpetrovic@icra.cat
Ph: +34 972 183 380
F: +34 972 183 248

Research professor, responsible of ICRA’s research line “Pollutants in wastewater”.

Short Biography
- Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jan 19th 1965.
- BSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, obtained in 1983
- MsC in Environmental chemistry at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, obtained in 1991
- PhD in Chemistry obtained from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1995.
- Assistant professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Croatia from 1995- June 1999
- Postdoctoral fellowship. CSIC-IIQAB (Institut de Quimica Ambiental de Barcelona) from July 1999 to 2003
- Contract Ramon y Cajal. CSIC-IIQAB (Institut de Quimica Ambiental de Barcelona) from 2003 to Nov 2005
- ICREA Research Professor at CSIC - IDAEA (Institut de Diagnosi Ambiental i Estudis de l'Aigua) from Dec 2005 to July 2011.
- ICREA Research Professor at ICRA (Institut Català de Recerca de l’Aigua) - Water Quality from July 2011-Present.

Research interests
Analytical environmental chemistry, specifically chemical analysis of trace organic contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting compounds and surfactants by advanced mass spectrometric techniques (liquid chromatography-tandem and hybrid MS) and the study of their fate and behaviour in the aquatic environment and during wastewater and drinking water treatment.
Specific research lines are:
(i) the study of biotic and abiotic transformation of emerging contaminants, identification of transformation products, elucidation of transformation pathways;
(ii) the study of occurrence and distribution of emerging contaminants in aquatic environment and environmental risk assessment and
(iii) sustainable wastewater management; application of innovative wastewater treatment technologies; innovative practices for reuse of reclaimed waters.

Current projects
GLOBAQUA - Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity (603629), FP7 Theme Environment.

GREEN-TECH - From grey to green. How to improve the sustainability of wastewater and drinking water treatment, Acciones de Programación Conjunta Internacional ERA-NET NEW INDIGO (coordinator)

demEAUmed- Demonstrating integrated innovative technologies for an optimal and safe
closed water cycle in Mediterranean tourist facilities, FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO

SCARCE - Assessing and predicting effects on water quantity and quality in Iberian rivers caused by global change (Consolider-Ingenio CSD2009-00065), Ministerio de Ciencia e Inovacion, 17/12/2009- 16/12/2014, leader of WP Quality

Key publications
M.Petrovic, Methodological challenges of multi-residue analysis of pharmaceuticals in environmental samples, TrEAC-Trends Environ. Anal. Chem. 1 (2014) 25–33

Marina Gorga, Mira Petrović and Damià Barceló
Multi-residue analytical method for the determination of endocrine disruptors and related compounds in river and waste water using dual column liquid chromatography switching system coupled to mass spectrometry
Journal of Chromatogrphy A 1295 (2013) 57-66

Rebeca López-Serna, Anna Jurado, Enric Vàzquez-Suñé, Jesús Carrera, Mira Petrović and Damià Barceló
Occurrence of 95 pharmaceuticals, metabolites and transformation products in urban groundwaters underlying the metropolis of Barcelona, Spain.
Environ. Pollution 174 (2013) 305-315

D. Guillén, A. Ginebreda, M. Farré, R.M. Darbra, M. Petrovic, M. Gros, D. Barceló
Prioritization of chemicals in the aquatic environment based on risk assessment:
Analytical, Modelling and Regulatory perspective
Sci. Total Environ 440 (2012) 236-252

R. Lopez-Serna, M. Petrovic and D. Barcelò
Occurrence and distribution of multi-class pharmaceuticals and their active metabolites and transformation products in the Ebro River basin (NE Spain)
Sci. Total Environ. 440 (2012) 280-289

M. Petrovic, A. Ginebreda, V. Acuña, R.J. Batalla, A. Elosegi, H. Guasch, M. López de Alda, R. Marcé, I. Muñoz, A. Navarro-Ortega, E. Navarro, D. Vericat, S. Sabater, D. Barceló
Combined scenarios of chemical and ecological quality under water scarcity in the Mediterranean Rivers
TrAC – Trends Anal. Chem. 30 ( 8) (2011) 1269-1278

A. Jelic, M. Gros, A. Ginebreda, R. Cespedes, F. Ventura, M. Petrovic, D. Barceló
Occurrence, partition and removal of pharmaceuticals in sewage water and sludge during wastewater treatment
Water Res. 45 (3) (2011) 1165-1176

Rebeca López-Serna, Sandra Pérez, Antoni Ginebred1, Mira Petrović and Damià Barceló,
Fully automated determination of 74 pharmaceuticals in environmental and waste waters by online solid phase extraction – liquid chromatography-electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry
Talanta 83 (2) (2010) Pages 410-424

Gros, Meritxell; Petrovic, Mira; Ginebreda, Antoni; Barcelo, Damia
Removal of pharmaceuticals during wastewater treatment and environmental risk assessment using hazard indexes
Environ. International. 36 (2010) 15–26

Aleksandra Jelic, Mira Petrović; Damià Barceló
Multi-residue method for trace level determiantion of pharmaceuticals in solid samples using pressurized liquid extraction followed by liquid chromatography and linear ion trap mass spectrometry
Talanta 80(1), (2009) 363-371

J. Radjenović, C. Sirtori, M. Petrović, D. Barceló, S. Malato
Solar photocatalytic degradation of persistent pharmaceuticals at pilot-scale: Kinetics and characterization of major intermediate products
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Volume 89 (1-2) (2009) 255-264

J. Radjenović, M. Petrović, D. Barceló
Fate and distribution of pharmaceuticals in wastewater and sewage sludge of the conventional activated sludge (CAS) and advanced membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment

Meritxell Gros, Mira Petrović and Damià Barceló
Tracing pharmaceutical residues of different therapeutic classes in environmental waters by using Liquid chromatography/Quadrupole-Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry and automated library searching
Anal. Chem. 81 (2009) 898-912

Susana Gonzalez Blanco, Analisis, distribución y eliminación de contaminantes emergentes en aguas residuales, Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Química 28 November 2008

Meritxell Gros, Análisis, destino y transformación de fármacos en aguas naturales y residuales, Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Química, 28 May 2009

Jelena Radjenovic, Compartimento de fármacos durante tratamientos de aguas residuales y potables, Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Química, 22 July 2009

Aleksandra Jelic, Occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment processes, Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Química, 21 December 2012

Rebeca Lopez-Serna, Análisis y destino de residuos farmacéuticos en aguas subterráneas, superficiales y residuales, Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Química, 17 September 2013

Editor in chief TrEAC - Trends in Environmental Analytical Cheimistry, Elsevier (http://www.journals.elsevier.com/trends-in-environmental-analytical-chemistry/)

Member of the editorial board – STOTEN – The Science of the Total Environment, Elsevier

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