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Conferència. Cambio global y agua. Damià Barceló

Residència d'Investigadors CSIC- ( 18h) ( Emisió en Streaming)

Cambio global y agua 25/04/2022 Conferencia Por: Dr. Damià Barceló (Prof.d'Investigació a l'IDAEA-CSIC) Lugar: Anfiteatro Horario: 18:00 En...


Pittcon 2022 Conference Highlights -Plastic Pollution: Advancing The Science To Better Manage Micro- And Nano-Plastics

Pittcon is a space for collaborative science, and even though we had to place this year's in-person Pittcon on hold, we still want to share with you the opportunity to connect live with your peers,...


1st Campus Water: Research and Territory Conference

The ICRA participates in the 1st Water Campus: Research and Territory Conference of the University of Girona. Campus Agua, entitled "Water and climate emergency in the counties of Girona: challenges...


World Water Day 2022: Aigua subterrània: Fent l'invisible, visible

Les aigües subterrànies proporcionen gairebé la meitat de tota l'aigua potable a tot el món, al voltant del 40% de l'aigua per a l'agricultura de regadiu i al voltant...


Course: Analysis Of Microplastics In Water

With Damia Barceló, Catalan Insitute for Water Research. Day: March 7, 2022 Hour: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Place: PITTCON, Conference & Expo. Georgia World Congress Center...


Exposure to emerging contaminants in drinking water in Barcelona. Conference on the AIGUA BCN Project

What are the emerging contaminants in Barcelona's drinking water? The #AiguaBCN project team has mapped the city to answer this question, and now the research team wants to present the main results...

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