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Esquerra Republicana deputies of the Climate Action Committee visit the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA-BÚSQUEDA)

- A delegation of deputies and senator of ERC have visited the center and have talked with experts on the climate crisis, drought and water management. The deputy of Esquerra Republicana in the Climate...


Jelena Radjenovic receives an ERC Consolidator Grant for ELECTROmonoLITH project

- The ICREA researcher at ICRA-CERCA will receive funding of two million euros to carry out her research on selective electrochemical separation and metal recovery using tailor-made monolith electrodes -...


Urban agriculture could generate thousands of jobs and up to half of the fresh produce consumed in the cities.

- The study is applied to the city of Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), as part of the Edible Cities Network project. - In this city, urban gardens could generate up to 3,500 jobs and 50% of the...


ICRA-CERCA presents a prototype that will allow the reuse of gray water from laundry, within the framework of the European LIFE RECYCLO project

- The graywater treatment prototype of the LIFE RECYCLO project will save between 50 and 80% of water. - The new technological solution is based on advanced oxidation that improves water quality and...


ICRA-CERCA leads chemical analysis of shipping discharges within EU project EMERGE

Maritime transport is a major source of marine and atmospheric pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, which are projected to increase significantly, if effective measures would not be taken. Within...


ICRA-CERCA researchers present in the 10th iwa microbial ecology in water engineering specialist conference in Brisbane, Australia

The IWA Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering Specialist Conference promotes the rational and effective engineering of open microbial systems in the water cycle using emerging technologies and concepts...

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