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Adrián Jaén Gil, winner of the UdG's extraordinary doctoral award 2021

Doctoral student Adrián Jaén Gil has won the extraordinary doctoral prize in Water Science and Technology with the thesis “Removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater combining different...


ICRA obtains nine positions for technical staff through the INVESTIGO Programme

The Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) is offering nine technical staff positions (under 30 years of age) through the INVESTIGO Programme, funded by the European Union-Next Generation EU within...


Sergi Sabater, deputy director of the ICRA, awarded the AIL Lifetime Achievement Award in Limnology

Sergi Sabater, deputy director of the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA), received the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) Award, in recognition of his scientific career, in the framework...


Project SUGGEREIX wrapping up with a bang

The SUGGEREIX project is coming to a close in June. This Catalan Water Agency (ACA) funded project – further detail can be found here:


ICRA RESEARCH: inventWater - Inventive forecasting tools for adapting water quality management to a new climate

Climate change, extreme events, and seasonal variations in weather have a profound impact on the water quality of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. This implies the need for tools that anticipate the impacts...


The GiroNat project begins with the participation of ICRA

Girona City Council has been awarded the GiroNat project by the Biodiversity Foundation as part of the European NextGeneration funding. The project has a total budget of €4,200,000, most of which...

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