"José Castillejo" stay of TiA research staff at NTUA in Athens

Increased water demand and decreased natural availability of fresh water lead to increased water stress in the Mediterranean region and other areas characterized by water scarcity. The availability and safety of alternative water sources are the focus of many ongoing research activities. Nature-based solutions (NBS) such as constructed wetlands, ponds, and green walls have emerged as alternatives to facilitate water reuse. However, most of the studies are carried out at pilot scale and there is a lack of information with real water and at real conditions.

Between August and October, Gianluigi Buttiglieri, a researcher in the area of Technologies and Assessment (TiA) of ICRA, conducted the "Jose Castillejo" stay in Greece with the aim of getting to understand, work, and sample NBS but also other treatments and solutions for the collection, treatment, and reuse of real water (wastewater, grey, rain, sea). The whole activity has been framed in the context of the circular economy in water scarcity areas and to study organic micropollutants in water, soils, and crops irrigated with reclaimed/harvested water.

During the stay, hence, various technologies have been visited on the three islands of Lesbos, Mykonos, and Tinos. The stay has been framed also within the EU project HYDROUSA led by the NTUA Athens (prof. Malamis, Mamais, Noutsopoulos), and with the collaboration of many local and international stakeholders

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