EdiCitNet Toolbox, an interactive catalogue of tools designed to support urban food initiatives, has been launched.

ICRA presents EdiCitNet Toolbox, a public, online collection of specially designed tools for urban food-related initiatives available in 7 languages (English, Catalan, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, Slovenščina). 

The “EdiCitNet toolbox” provide a great variety of tools and contents:

  • The most comprehensive Catalogue urban food-related initiatives which includes: Interactive profiles showcasing comprehensive technical information, performance evaluation, and a section for interaction between initiative and user of the platform where user can see upcoming events and leave comments. Non-interactive profiles showcasing reduced information in which no interaction or communications take place.
  • Design and planning tool which enables users to create their own urban food-related initiative(s) by giving insights about resources needed and food potential.
  • Performance assessment tool which enables user to compare the performance of urban food-related initiatives in terms of sustainability, urban challenges, and ecosystem services. Moreover, the tool will provide guidance on how to improve such performance by suggesting Nature-based solutions and by connecting the user with other initiatives from which they can learn from.

The “EdiCitNet toolbox” is also designed to attend a wide diversity of end-user:

  • People willing to get involved with the edible movement in their cities can use the Catalogue to find urban food-related initiatives where they can buy local edible goods or for instance participate in a volunteering program. They can also use the Design and planning tool to support the implementation of their own initiative.
  • Owners/participants of urban food-related initiatives: they can use the Catalogue to increase the visibility of their initiative, connect with civic society or to expand their edible network, by finding other initiatives to learn from or collaborate with. Moreover, they can use the Performance assessment tool to check how the initiative is doing in terms of sustainability, urban challenges, and ecosystem services and also to get guidance on how to improve the functioning.
  • Urban planners: they can use the Design and planning tool to design urban food-related initiatives at city scale and get an idea of food potential and resources required.
  • Researchers: can use the Catalogue to find potential case of studies (ECS).

EdiCitNet Toolbox has been developed by ICRA, in the framework of the H2020 project Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet), with the collaboration of the University of Ljubljana for the design and planning tool.

We encourage all those involved in any kind of initiative related to urban food to create their own ECS profile in the EdiCitNet Toolbox. If you have any questions, please contact Joana Castellar, jcastellar@icra.cat.

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