INNOVACC DAY (Catalan Association of meat sector Innovation)

ICRA, Girona, Spain

On November 22, 2011, ICRA welcomes the meeting between the Catalan Water Cluster (Catalan Water Partnership) and INNOVACC.

Partners of the group of water treatment projects to disseminate the proposed action and interesting solutions for the meat sector are joined.

The presentation: "Efficiency and Sustainability of water in the meat industry" is in charge of Water Cluster (Catalan Water Partnership).

Participate the following companies: Escorxador de la Garrotxa SA, Frigoríficos del Nordeste SA (Norfrisa), Friselva SA, Esteban Espuña SA, Joaquim Albertí SA, Noel Alimentària SAU, Sysfeed SLU (Grup Garnova), Milla Masanas SL, Enginyeria Medi Ambient (Joan Soler), GEI-2A SL, AREMA, GIRO Centre Tecnològic, and Universitat de Girona and Universitat de Vic.

22 people attending.

https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/innovaccnoticies2 g https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/innovaccnoticies3 g https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/innovaccnoticies4 g
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