The Catalan Institute for Water Research ( ICRA ) has been the only research center that the Peruvian Delegation has visited in Spain.

A Delegation from the National Water Authority ( ANA ) of Peru, the governing body of the National management water resources in Peru, on January 9 visited the Catalan Institute of Research water Research (ICRA ) in Girona. The meeting is a part of a tight schedule meetings with the first universities and scientific research Institutes water technology in Holland, England, Belgium, Germany and Spain, being ICRA the only research center in the water that have visited in the Spain.

The technician, Miguel Angel Beretta Cisneros, Jorge Sacieta and Dirk Ten Brink , meet ICRA representatives Damià Barceló, director, Sergi Sabater, deputy director, Iván Sánchez, manager and Ignasi Rodríguez- Roda, chief of the Technologies and Evaluation Research Area, to know the scientific and technological models of ICRA, in ordere to create in Peru the National Institute of Science and Technology of Water ( INCTA ), an organism specialized, dedicated to the research scientific water resources that will give support to the governmental decisions, to run a sustainable water resource in Peru.

The delegation showed interest in the experience to know ICRA in it referente subject of investigation and organizational, and specially their Scientific Advisory Committee and the Public Administration and business mixed committee as a part that form the structure of organisms as ICRA Consultants.

During the visit the representatives of the ANA requested ICRA's opinion on the strategic business plan for the establishment of the National Institute of Science and Technology of Water in Peru and in this regard, they expressed interest in collaborating with ICRA as an international body, in water science topics related to drought, water reuse, the impact of pollution on the aquatic environment, as well as the protection of services that make up the aquatic ecosystem.

Photo from left to right: Jorge Sacieta, Dirk Ten Brink, Miguel Angel Beretta Cisneros (all representatives of the ANA), Damià Barceló (director ICRA), Sergi Sabater (deputy director ICRA), Iván Sánchez (general manager ICRA) and Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda (head of the Technologies and Evaluation Research Area ICRA).

https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/noticiesANAPERU g
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