ICRA, Girona, Spain

On 22 May 2012 ICRA present the installation of the Experimental Streams Facility (ESF).

The ICRA put into operation this facility and reaffirms itself as one of the few research institutes in Europe that concentrates in the same space, all the resources and services needed to provide a global service and cross-sectional research of water through various disciplines.

This facility, leading in Europe, will allow, among others, realize ecotoxicological tests that determine, for example, concentrations of chemicals that cause effects on river ecosystems, as well as experimental tests to conduct research on aspects of climate change. The importance of being able to perform experiments in laboratories Mesocosmos level lies in the fact that these can help to predict how changes in rainfall and temperature, can affect the condition of rivers and the ecosystem services that derived from these ecosystems, with the corresponding economic impact.

The Experimental Streams Facility will help to improve the management of river basins.


News on TV3, minute 4:26



More information on this website:

at Research - PLANTEA

https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/noticies mesocosp2 https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/noticies gmesocosmos https://www.icra.cat/files/noticia/noticies gmesocosmos1
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