Presence at the 5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment

ICRA has actively participated in the IWA EcoSTP (IWA Specialized International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment) which took place from 21 to 25 June. ICRA researcher Jelena Radjenovic spoke at the opening plenary session on Graphene-enabled water treatment: main outcomes of the ERC StG ELECTRON4WATER.

In subsequent sessions,were presented the projects Vertical constructed wetland for greywater treatment and reuse in touristic resorts: feasibility study (Vosse, J., Estelrich, M., Comas, J., Atanasova, N., Castellano Costa, J., Gattringer, H., Buttiglieri, G.); Fertilizer-drawn forward osmosis for sustainable greywater reuse in touristic Mediterranean regions (Mendoza, D., Blandin, G., Comas, J., Buttiglieri, G.); HYDROUSA project solutions towards water scarcity mitigation and organic micropollutants evaluation for safe water reuse (Castaño-Trias, M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., G. Buttiglieri, G.); Waste to bioenergy: Anaerobic digestion of slaughterhouse wastewater for bioenergy, pharmaceutical compounds degradation and fertiliser production (Zahedi S, Gros M, Balcazar JL, Petrovic M, Pijuan M.) and Renewable energy from real concentrated municipal wastewater by forward osmosis membrane (Zahedi S, Ferrari F, Blandin G, Balcazar JL, Pijuan M.)

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