Exposure to emerging contaminants in drinking water in Barcelona. Conference on the AIGUA BCN Project

What are the emerging contaminants in Barcelona's drinking water? The #AiguaBCN project team has mapped the city to answer this question, and now the research team wants to present the main results at a conference to be held on 18 and 19 January 2022.

The meeting, which will be held both in person and virtually, will include the talk Trihalomethanes, haloacetonitriLes and non-targeted DBPs in drinking water samples, given by María José Farré, representing the Water Quality Area (QA) of the ICRA.

Organised by:

- Laboratori d’Espectrometria de Masses/Contàminants Orgànics, Institut de Diagnòsi Ambiental i Estudis de l’Aigua (IDAEA) Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques (CSIC)

- Institut de Salut Global de Barcelona (ISGLOBAL)

Place: Assembly Hall. Centre for Research and Development (CID-CSIC) Calle Jordi Girona, 18, Barcelona (next to Metro L3, Palau Reial) Mixed face-to-face and online event, broadcast in streaming.

Free registration (in person or online). Limited capacity depending on the evolution of the health situation. Confirmation of attendance is essential.

[Registration link]

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