Workshop: International experiences in potable reuse what and how can we best learn?

4/10/2019 - 10 am -3 pm ICRA Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua Emili Grahit 101 17003 Girona

Workshop: International experiences in potable reuse
what and how can we best learn?
Potable water reuse is increasingly adopted in metropolitan areas in water scarce regions around the globe, whereby the southwest of the United States concentrates the biggest accumulation of experience Indirect Potable Reuse projects are in the meantime generally well accepted with clear regulatory guidelines for this application California has even imposed upon itself an obligation to develop a regulatory framework for Direct Potable Reuse in the near future This regulatory initiative has been supported by the so called California Direct Potable
Reuse Initiative.
Recently,Europe has for the first time adopted a centralized approach to Water Reuse regulation by issuing a “Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the council on minimum requirements for water reuse ( 2018 337 final)” Nevertheless, neither this new European regulation nor the existing Spanish regulation (RD 1620 2007 contemplate any form of potable reuse despite the overwhelming evidence that potable reuse can be safely executed.
The goal of this workshop is
- to contrast international and recent local experiences
- to identify needs and opportunities for knowledge adaptation including
technology, monitoring and risk management
- to develop a roadmap for future stakeholder engagement and eventual policy adaptation.
Date and Venue
4 th 2019 10 am 3 pm
Institut Català de Recerca de l’Aigua
Emili Grahit 101 17003 Girona
Workshop language is English The format of the workshop entails several introductory talks from national and international experts followed by an expert panel discussion, intended to be highly interactive with the audience, and a networking lunch A conclusion statement will be prepared by the workshop moderators and circulated after the workshop to the attendants
Registration is mandatory before September 30 th Participation is limited to 60 participants The workshop requires a good balance of academia, industry, and utilities, as well as a good balance of experienced and young water professionals Registration is only possible if the application for participation is accepted As part of the registration process you will be prompted to describe your motivation to
attend and your expectations for the workshop outcome Please register via this link Link to registration
For further enquiries, please email to Wolfgang Gernjak wgernjak@icra cat or Ignasi Rodriguez Roda irodriguezroda@icra cat 
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