Lluís Corominas, PhD

Postdoc researcher, Technologies and Evaluation Area

Contact Details
Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA
email: lcorominas@icra.cat
Ph: +34 972 183 380
F: +34 972 183 248

Short Biography
Born in Girona, 10-5-1978
BsC in environmental sciences (UdG, 2000), MsC in environmental sciences (UdG, 2002), postgraduate on environmental engineering (UdG, 2006) and PhD on environmental sciences (2006).
Postdoctoral experience at modelEAU (Université Laval of Québec, Canada from 2007 until 2010).
Postdoctoral researcher Juan de la Cierva at ICRA (2010-2013)

Research interests 
- Monitoring, modelling and control of urban wastewater systems
- Integrated management of urban wastewater systems and rivers
- Sustainability assessment (Life Cycle Assessment)

Current projects 
EcoMaWat (Ecosystem-based management of urban wastewater systems) funded by the Programme Marie Curie within the 7th EU Framework Programme. 2011-2015. PCIG09-GA-2011-293365. PI ICRA: Dr. Lluís Corominas. Link

R3-Water (Demonstration of innovative solutions for Reuse of water, Recovery of valuables and Resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment) from the call WATER-INNO-DEMO of the 7th EU Framework Programme. 2014-2017. FP7-ENV-2013-Water-Inno-Demo (619093). PI ICRA: Dr. Lluís Corominas. Link

Key publications
Ll. Corominas, L. Rieger, I. Takács, G. Ekama, H. Hauduc, P.A. Vanrolleghem, A. Oehmen, K.V. Gernaey, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht and Y. Comeau (2010) New framework for standardized notation in wastewater treatment modelling. Water Sci. Technol. 61(4), 841-857. 

Ll. Corominas, G. Sin, S. Puig, M.D. Balaguer, P.A. Vanrolleghem and J. Colprim (2011) Modified calibration protocol evaluated in a model-based testing of SBR flexibility. Bioproc Biosyst Eng 34(2), 205-214.

Ll. Corominas, K. Villez, D. Aguado, L. Rieger, C. Rosén and P.A. Vanrolleghem (2011) Performance evaluation of fault detection methods for wastewater treatment processes. Biotechnol.Bioeng. 108(2), 333-344.

X. Flores-Alsina, Ll. Corominas, L. Snip, P.A. Vanrolleghem (2011). Including greenhouse gases emissions during benchmarking of wastewater treatment plant control strategies. Water Res.45(16), 4700-4710.

X. Flores-Alsina, Ll. Corominas, M.B. Neumann and P. A. Vanrolleghem (2011) Assessing the use of activated sludge process design guidelines in wastewater treatment plant projects: A methodology based on global sensitivity analysis. Environmental Modelling Software, 38, 50–58.

Ll. Corominas, X. Flores-Alsina, L. Snip and P. A. Vanrolleghem (2012) Comparison of different modeling approaches to better evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from whole wastewater treatment plants. Biotechnol.Bioeng. 109(11), 2854-2863.

P. Prat, L. Benedetti, Ll. Corominas, J. Comas and M.Poch (2012) Model-based knowledge acquisition in Environmental Decision Support System for wastewater integrated management. Water Science & technology. 65(6), 1123 - 1129.

Ll. Corominas, H.F. Larsen, X. Flores-Alsina, P.A. Vanrolleghem (2013) Including Life Cycle Assessment for decision-making in controlling wastewater nutrient removal systems. Journal of environmental management, 128, 759–67.

Ll. Corominas, V. Acuña, A. Ginebreda, M. Poch (2013) Integration of freshwater environmental policies and wastewater treatment plant management. The Science of the total environment, 445-446, 185–91.

U. Jeppsson, J. Alex, D. Batstone, L. Benedetti, J. Comas, J.B. Copp, Ll. Corominas, X. Flores-Alsina, K.V. Gernaey, I. Nopens, M.-N. Pons, I. Rodríguez-Roda, C. Rosen, J.-P. Steyer, P.A. Vanrolleghem, E.I.P. Volcke and D. Vrecko (2013) Quo Vadis Benchmark Simulation Models? Water science and technology, 68(1), 1–15.

L. Benedetti, J. Langeveld, A. Comeau, Ll. Corominas, G. Daigger, C. Martin, P.S. Mikkelsen, L. Vezzaro, S. Weijers, P.A. Vanrolleghem (2013) Modelling and monitoring of integrated urban wastewater systems: status and perspectives. Water science and technology, 68(6), 1203–15.

Ll. Corominas, J. Foley, J.S. Guest, A. Hospido, H.F. Larsen, S. Morera, A. Shaw. (2013). Life cycle assessment applied to wastewater treatment: State of the art. Water research, 47(15), 5480–92.

A. Montserrat, O. Gutierrez, M. Poch, L. Corominas (2013) Field validation of a new low-cost method for determining occurrence and duration of combined sewer overflows. Science of the Total Environment, 463-464, 904–12.

X. Flores-Alsina, M. Arnell, Y. Amerlinck, L. Corominas, K.V. Gernaey, L. Guo, U. Jeppsson (2014) Balancing effluent quality, economic cost and greenhouse gas emissions during the evaluation of (plant-wide) control/operational strategies in WWTPs. Science of the Total Environment, 466-467C, 616–624.

Ll. Corominas, M.B. Neumann (2014) Ecosystem-based management of a Mediterranean urban wastewater system: a sensitivity analysis of the operational degrees of freedom. Journal of Environmental Management.

Pau Prat. University of Girona (completed)
Albert Montserrat. University of Girona (ongoing)
Ignasi Aymerich. University of Girona (ongoing)
Sadurní Morera. University of Girona (ongoing)

Chair of the IWA (International Water Association) Working Group for Life Cycle Assessment of Water and Wastewater Treatment (LCA-Water WG).

Editor of the journal Water Practice & Technology (IWA publishing).

Linked-in: es.linkedin.com/pub/lluis-corominas/6/108/b9

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lluis_Corominas

Scholar: http://scholar.google.es/citations?user=5gkpb8QAAAAJ&hl=ca&oi=ao

LCA-Water WG: http://www.iwahq.org/1y3/networks/specialist-groups/list-of-groups/modelling-and-integrated-assessment/workinggroup-lca.html

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