Mercè Boy Roura, Postdoc researcher

Postdoc Researcher

Contact Details
Catalan Institute for Water Research, ICRA
email: mboy@icra.cat
Ph: +34 972 183 380
F: +34 972 183 248

Postdoc Researcher at Resources and Ecosystems Area (ICRA)

Short Biography
- Degree in Environmental Sciences (Universitat de Girona, September 2008)

- Master in Water Science and Technology (Universitat de Girona, February 2010)

- Visiting researcher at the United States Geological Survey-USGS (Virginia, USA, June – December 2012)

- PhD in Experimental Sciences and Sustainability, entitled “Nitrate groundwater pollution and aquifer vulnerability: the case of the Osona region, NE Spain” (Universitat de Girona, October 2013)

- Postdoctoral research fellow within the Erasmus Mundus Partnership Project NESSIE of the European Commission at the Centre for Soil and Environmental Research - Lincoln University (New Zealand, November 2013 – January 2015)

- Postdoctoral researcher (ICRA, February 2015 – present)

Research interests
- Monitoring, modeling and mapping of groundwater resources

- Evaluation of diffuse pollution in groundwater (nitrates and emerging contaminants) in agricultural areas

- Aquifer vulnerability assessment to nitrate leaching

- Interaction between surface water and groundwater in alluvial aquifers

Current projects
- PERSIST “Persistence and fate of emerging contaminants and multi-resistant bacteria in a continuum of surface water groundwater from the laboratory scale to the regional scale”, from the call EU-Water Joint Programming Initiative (JPI), 2014-2016.

Key publications
- Boy-Roura M., B.T. Nolan, A. Menció and J. Mas-Pla (2013). Regression model for aquifer vulnerability assessment of nitrate pollution in the Osona region (NE Spain). Journal of Hydrology, 505: 150 – 162.

- Boy-Roura M., A. Menció and J. Mas-Pla (2013). Temporal analysis of spring water data to assess nitrate inputs to groundwater in an agricultural area (Osona, NE Spain). Science of the Total Environment, 452-453: 433-445.

- Menció A., M. Boy and J. Mas-Pla (2011). Analysis of vulnerability factors that control nitrate occurrence in natural springs (Osona region, NE Spain). Science of the Total Environment, 409(16): 3049-3058.

- Best student award in Environmental Sciences 2007-2008, Universitat de Girona.

- Best PhD thesis award in Environmental Sciences 2013, Universitat de Girona.