On September 28, 2012, Damià Barceló and Sergi Sabater, director and deputy director of ICRA respectively, receive Monica Hoek, Project Officer, of the scholarship program "Marie Curie Integration Grants" of the European Union. The visit is to meet the researchers who have received grants for projects and see the facilities where they work.

The Marie Curie researchers of ICRA and their projects are:

- Vincente Acuña, Research Scientist, Resources and Ecosystems Area
Global warming effects on the balance coal stream (GWESCB)

- Maite Pijuan, Research Scientist (Ramon y Cajal), Technologies and Evaluation Area
Exploring novel nitrifier pathways to direct Minimise Greenhouse Gas Emissions from WWTPs (nitric GHG)

- Lluis Corominas, Postdoc Researcher (Juan de la Cierva), Technologies and Evaluation Area
Ecosystem-based Management Strategies for urban wastewater systems (EcoMaWat

- Oriol Gutierrez, Postdoc Researcher, Technologies and Evaluation Area
Sulfide and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Sewers Mediterranean (SGHGEMS)

- Albert Poater, Postdoc Researcher, currently at the University of Girona
Ab initio Molecular Dynamics and Statics Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Simulation of Pharmacological for purposes (Compute DRUG)

Photo: in the center, Monica Hoek with some ICRA researchers.

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