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"THE ENERGY Poverty CRISIS - ENERGY FOR THE MANY" Prof. Paul Lant, Profesor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland


In this seminar, Paul Lant will continue David Sedlak’s reflections of personal and global crises.  After many years of working as a researcher, educator and consultant in the wastewater field, Paul’s ‘personal crisis’ led him to wonder about global decarbonization and energy issues.  This led him to establish a research group (with several more intelligent colleagues) focused on ‘energy for the many’, and focused on the global energy poverty crisis.  In this seminar, Paul will introduce you to the energy poverty crisis, present some recent research findings, and reflect on the many analogies between global energy challenges and global water challenges.  WARNING:  This seminar is not about technology development, it will not include any water chemistry, and it may even include a four letter word – coal!

Paul Lant is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland.   His research interests are in urban water systems, energy poverty, food waste, bioplastics and risk.  He is on sabbatical at ICRA from Sept-Dec 2019.

11h- 12h

"RESULTADOS FUERA DE ESPECIFICACIONES, EN EL CONTEXTO DE LA INDUSTRIA FARMACÉUTICA" Sr. Jordi Algaba, Responsable del Laboratorio de Estabilidades del Grupo Esteve - Stability Lab Manager para productos Genéricos y productos para terceros. Nuevos productos. Responsable del Laboratorio del Producto Terminado (API), intermedios y materias primas.

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